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Posted on: June 4, 2012 11:32 pm

Re-branding the Big 12

I have heard from a previous article that the Big 12 was satisfied with staying at 10 teams.  Is this some type of ploy to buy time while the Big 12 negotiates in secret with other schools or is this more or less the position of the Conference?  Rumors have it that Florida State, Miami, Clemson and or Louisville could be headed to the Big 12.  Or another possibility could be Virginia Tech.  Whatever, it may be it when the conference realignment question is asked from either the Big 12 or the ACC schools at least there seems to be nothing to come about from the parties.  It seems to be that they are denying the fact that relocation of schools to another conference is on the radar.  I think there is something more about this whole conference realignment thing than what the parties are telling us.  First and fore most I believe the Big 12 is expanding that is a no brainer.  Yes some AD's say we are happy at 10 and the theory of staying at 10 may have some solid argument but nevertheless the Big 12 is expanding.  Why?  First the Big 12 has to learn from its previous mistake that is they can't stay idle and wait for something to happen.  They more or less have to become a first mover in this round of conference realignment because if they don't they will lose out on good quality colleges that are available and second they lose out on the possibility of expanding their footprint.  The Big 12 has 8 teams in three states (Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas) which consist of 80 percent of their membership.  Expansion will allow the Big 12 to build its brand which is a necessity because having a strong brand is stability.  The Big 12 has to build a brand that will atract views to the stadium and also to the television set and by doing this the Big 12 will be able to compete with the SEC and the other major conferences.  So with this said this is the schools the Big 12 should go after.  First I will add Florida State the Big 12 will be able to get the Florida market and the last time I checked football is king at Florida State so that be a good school to add.  Now before anyone says it that Florida State has been down or is average try this on for size Florida State won the ACC conference 12 times from 1993 - 2005 and at one point won the conference or was co conference champs for 9 straight years (1992 - 2000).  Also Florida State won two national championships in those years and when they first came been they went unbeaten in ACC play for the first few years.  So how can this not be a quality school to add to the Big 12.  Second the additions of Clemson will further allow the Big 12 to expand east ward and into SEC territory which is a plus for recruiting.  The Florida State addition also will have the same effect as well.  Other candidates for expansion could include Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Miami or one of the Carolina schools.  Either way the Big 12 should add enough eastern schools to have a eastern division and a western division this way the conference can reduce travel for its members and two build strong rivalries within the division. 

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